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Walking Billboard


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Our Walking Billboard looks spectacular from behind. With almost 60″ x 24″ advertising space and sleek custom design, it captures your audience perfectly.

Outdoor marketing has been around for many years, but our lightweight backpack billboards are so new, your street team can promote the brand in a new modern way.





Please Note Our Policy

If you are approving a proof via email you are responsible for checking: Date, Time, Place, Address, Pictures, Color, Spelling, Names and Event Title.

My approval of file submitted in this email verifies that I have read my product completely, and all contents are punctuated, spelled, positioned, etc. correctly. If there are any missed errors found after I have replied to this email, I assume all responsibilities, such as payments for returns.


50% Re-run/Re-Design fee will be recharged if any mistake are found after being printed and approved by client.

Please Note: All Design Prices Are Subject to Change, depending on custom designs and changes. Also if there is a Rush needed for an Order, There may be an Additional Charge.

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