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How Did Trump Win?

From the beginning, everyone underestimated Donald Trump. He pulled off a stunning victory after the most unprecedented of presidential campaigns.

Trump channeled the fury of average Americans against Washington. He tapped into their anxiety about the present and the fear of the future. He spoke to the pain they felt about working hard and getting left behind.

And in doing so, he eviscerated every convention about politics.

The pundits thought Trump's reality show antics, his vulgar rhetoric, speeches filled with falsehoods and insults thrown at almost every sector of American society -- Latinos, African Americans, war heroes, women and Muslims -- would disqualify him from the presidency.

It didn't.

Instead Trump marshaled a movement -- a modern day uprising of forgotten Americans, reminiscent of Richard Nixon's "silent majority" of the late 1960s.

How Clinton lost

He argued that Americans were hungering for change and that he alone could "drain the swamp" by sweeping away corruption in Washington.

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